Could There Ever Have Been Nothing?

By Pastor George D. Cutler

Grace Gospel Ministry


A conscientious journey into the beginning of time, the
origin of the universe & the question of intelligent design...



(From nothing to something)

Text Box: Creation:
(From nothing to something)
What is involved in the accurate assessment and conceptualization of the beginning? What is it, whatever it was that showed up first? What was it that was there at the earliest moment in creation and time? The consideration of these questions imposes an extreme strain on the human brain in thinking about the possibility that in the beginning, there was nothing. Is it possible that at or in the beginning, there wasn't anything at all? It is impossible to reconcile or even contemplate such through or by way of human analogy because it isn’t logical cogitation to envision the entrance of substance from absolutely nothing. In essence, a void engendered the absence of all substance, which without some independent interruption, must of necessity remain in that empty state. In this condition, there is...nothing, absolutely nothing, not a particle of anything, no air, no dust, no light, nothing ………… but a sealed pitch black vacuum within. origin of the universe

From within such, it is impossible for anything to occur or evolve in the sphere of emptiness. Hence a purpose or goal of getting something--anything at all--into this sphere must be induced upon it by an outside entity of intelligence capacitated to overrule the absence of creation inside nothingness. When such sphere incurs light in it even for just a moment, it engenders requirement of the imposition of something that's not allowed from within but from without. The teleporting of something into the sphere, i.e., the presence of light within, is that which qualifies the beginning of creation. Hence creation is of necessity from without because creation from within is not allowable, in that here again is the dilemma: for something to occur from within would necessitate using only what's within but in this case, what's within is nothing. No, not even a tiny particle of something will evolve inside the sphere, as it is not innately capable of production within or of itself.

The exclusive adduce to creation and time is the independent eternal presence of the Devine Creator, God! It must also be an adherence that TIME is of itself, a production of God for the sole purpose of sequencing designs of creation entities. This should be comprehended by the fact that time of itself can't accomplish anything. Things occur over periods of time but it's not time that makes them happen. For example, the perceived production of certain materiality or mentality   transpires in given spans but the sequential manifestation of them in their spans actualized neither their evolvements nor their revealed enactments. Here a crude analogy would evince the understanding that it is not really the heat in the oven that bakes the cake but the creator of the heat as time allowed for the process of accomplishing such (Colossians 1:16-17). The Scriptural depiction of creation in the aforementioned analogy is that the sphere of nothingness was absolutely void of anything and of itself was incapacitated to change its void situation, as therein was not even the presence of eons, segments or the conceptuality of materiality or physicality. There was no motion or expressions of cogitation and without this how could anything just "show up?" It would need a reason why it came to be from nothing within the sphere and what's to stop nothingness from remaining the case? There would be nothing inside to cause something to show up as yet the reason can’t come from within.

The Word of God documents that it was from nothing that the Creator produced something; otherwise there wouldn’t have been any chance of materialization in testimony to actualization in the vacuum. This is true in the sense of the abstract as well as the concrete, as it is all relative in terms of the manifestations of God’s plan, will and purpose that were in fact enacted by His Decree in eternity. Such information explicates not only these workings within themselves but also they document the rationale for things being materialized into the void of nothingness. From this revelation, the issue is not whether things could just "show up" but more importantly, how and why? For those inclined to embrace the cogitation that things could just show up without a specified source of reasoning, how can such be reconciled with the presence of a specified source of time? In the substance of time, no matter how much, it must be concluded that the same thing exists in the substance of purpose, plan and will. Existence itself is not an issue but the likelihood of materialization without rationalization is no different than a refrigerator materializing without cause!

In scrutinizing the analogy further utilizing a metaphor, if one were to take the large pitch-black sphere without foundation and substance and extend it such that it goes on infinitely in all directions, there is still nothing within because the sphere is all there is, period. Again, this black infinite sphere has no light, dust, particles, air, elements, molecules, etc., as it is absolute nothingness. In fact, we must call it Absolutely Nothing. So here's the question: if originally afforded nothing ………. no purpose, materials, rationalism or time and there was Absolutely Nothing to produce from within ……… wouldn't there be Absolutely Nothing now? Absolutely …………. because something, no matter how small; cannot come from Absolutely Nothing and thus there would still be Absolutely Nothing. What does that testify? That only Creation can mitigate Absolutely Nothing. How? Because Creation is production of Absolutely Nothing into Something!

Accordingly, absolutely nothing is all that has ever resided within the void of nothingness; as existence was caused from outside of its sphere by God, the eternal Creator. Hence the production of anything from absolutely nothing is that which constitutes the presence of creation. In this sense, without God’s creation, no substance would be in existence and because this is the only reason some things exist; this is the only reason all things exist. The existence of all things is important as everything exists in proportion of their design in testimony of God’s will, plan and purpose. Therefore, existence is positive proof in documentation of purposes for creatures and creation itself. Absolutely nothingness abided in the sphere, which means that before creation; there was nothing in existence except God. No matter what it is, it was sourced in creation by God whether it is an atom, a particle or a molecule; all initial substances of mutation have originated from the Creator!