Eternally Confirmed Election

by Pastor George D. Cutler


Grace Gospel Ministry


The term election simply denotes to elect, choose, select or opt. Secular examples exude political elections wherein choices are selected or elected by voters from a field of candidates, to fulfill certain offices, i.e., mayors of cities, governors of states or even presidents of nations. In stark contrast, spiritual examples exude God’s Divine Eternal Election, exhibited in His sovereign choice of His elect or selected ones, son-positioned in Christ before the manifested creation of the world. Secular elections entail political elections, where voters’ choices are always conditioned by something that candidates are or have promised.  Some political candidates promise whatever they construe as to what will secure their election. Others appeal to ethnic or religious relationship factors, e.g., Anglo-Saxons, Afro-Americans, Jews, evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims, so-called “conservatives” or “liberals,” etc. Subsequent human elections are conditional whereby choices of the voters are always based upon either the expected performance or some characteristics of those selected or elected.

Hence, human elections are always conditional and this concept is somehow attributed to God’s choice of selected ones extracted out of humanity. However, as amazing as it seem to depraved minds, Divine Election was always unconditional!  God’s choices are never based on what humans think, say, do or are. God’s process does not factor input from anything or anyone other than Himself.  Hence, God’s criterion of election is not based on anything supplied, attributed or contributed by humankind. He did not see something good, valued or attractive in particular persons that motivated or figured into His decision to choose them. Oh what a blessed relief, what wonderful knowledge, to comprehend that God bestowed the very best that He had to offer in son-positioning His beloved solely in Eternity. Consider if God’s election was based on something that humans had to be or think or do. Under such requirements, who would be saved?  What human can stand before God and produce that which is totally acceptable to the standard of God. The obvious answer is none, in that all depraved nature is dead in sins and trespasses (Ephesians 2:1).

The Grace Doctrine Scriptures convey the enlightened comprehensions of humankind’s misperceptions of choosing, selecting or “electing.” This Illusion universally forms the ill- conceived doctrine of “Synergism” in consensus; averring human partnered participation and determination through the input of humankind’s choices. Three benefits sufficiently embroider but more importantly, seriate exculpated comprehension of Eternal Election advantages through:

 1) Heightening the capacity for empathy and love and the desire to share.

2) Bringing into greater awareness this sense of truth, as well as an increasing sense of what only masquerades as truth.

3) Enhancing motivation of those holding greater this enlightenment to embrace courses that are not self-seeking but truly represent the welfare of the greater sphere of existence.

Other spiritual qualities of abiding characteristics and enlightened expressions in Eternal Election Comprehension are brought forward by infusion of this greater light of behavior, which induces gentleness, kindness, endurance, lack of ego, desire to share, as well as comfort in the circumstantial conditions of need. These qualities, like notes on a musical scale, are played in many different ways with many different tonalities, corresponding in the inner or “spiritual nature” of the One who eternally selected His beloved. In addition, such identify in the foundation, which lies in essential properties of spiritual light through illumination of the Eternal Electoral Processes. As this light becomes more prominent, darkness recedes and the Eternal Influential Effects of greater comprehension begin to dominate transcendent cogitations more clearly. As God’s people increasingly desire truth among representatives of the Grace Covenant claims; they solely rely on integrity within the particular issues or points of views residing in Eternality.

Such integrity is solely based on the faithfulness of God’s decreed positions in dictations of every issue to the underlying, which such positions represent. Contrariwise to the whims of humankind, pure integrity requires caring about things genuinely; not merely as a surface phenomenon for selfish accommodations. It also applies to the character of one who has an inner standard of moral rightness; a standard adhered for the sake of rightness itself because moral conscience requires it. In stark contrast to transparences in secular arenas, the increasing inflow of light into Eternality trumps human electoral processes depending on the character and goodwill affectations of candidates and the general public. God’s people internalization of more truth induces more kindness and integrity, as their prioritized interests are focused away from deviances of earthly wares to the Heavenlies, which truly represent the interests of entirety. As this enlightenment develops, a quality of spiritual hearing is also enhanced verses what is listened for in human candidates. What the Grace Scriptures convey to the informed is more authentic than what the carnal mind construes.

Eternal Actuality apprehends the essence of truth rather than the secular perceptions of humanly 'gut reactions'. Chiefly, such 'gut reactions' are simply a way of humans saying that there is no rational reason to feel something  except it is one's heart that tells one that something is so. Inspiration that is scripturally foundational is effectuated of greater (spiritual) light. The dissimilarity between spiritual verses secularly inspiration resounds in what light confers situations in causing uplifted outlooks. In other words, what light is more capable of instilling stronger consciences and desires to trust in God’s purposes? Superficially, secular perception sources of inspiration are attributable to particular times and circumstances. Even though these factors of inspiration may influence perceptions of capacitating, yet such are not abidingly functional of scriptural light operating within spiritual consciousness. Ideas which create yearnings are not so much for what is within such as approachable or attainable. Contrariwise, Eternal Aspirations equate actions in hopefulness and optimism about realizations of what is truly abiding. An election year campaign is filled with various shades of light and darkness and is likely to continue up until its decreed manifestations in November but not beyond!

Identification of Election’s Source and Status

The actual Greek Manuscript linguistics of Colossians 3:12 in assemblage of utterances according to the common English practiced word groupings exudes, Endu,sasqe ou=n( w`j evklektoi. tou/ qeou/( a[gioi kai. hvgaphme,noi( spla,gcna oivktirmou/ crhsto,thta tapeinofrosu,nhn prau<thta makroqumi,an. (Ehn·thees·ahs·theh oon os ehk·lehk·tee too Theh·oo ahy·ee·ee keh eeg·ahp·ee·meh·nee splahgkh·nah eek·teer·moo khree·stot·ee·tah tahp·ee·noph·ros·ee·neen prahf·tee·tah mahk·roth·ee·mee·ahn). The rendering is in this sense: “Therefore, as God’s Elect, holy and having been and being loved, exhibited merciful compassion, kindness, humble thinking, meekness, longsuffering.” Here, in prefacing this grammatical structural flow, note the grouping of the three nominative case phraseology words connoting the verse’s subject matter: evklektoi. tou/ qeou/( a[gioi kai. hvgaphme,noi (ehk·lehk·tee too Theh·oo ahy·ee·ee keh eeg·ahp·ee·meh·nee) rendered “God’s Elect, holy and having been and being loved.”These identified subjects are those who were elected by God, hence holy (separated) plus were and are beloved!

Note that the status of those acknowledged depict what they are in God’s assessment based strictly on His grace in Him having previously conferred such spiritual blessings upon such ones in Eternity (Ephesians 1:3). This context clearly defines the Sovereignty of God in having bestowed His righteousness through the blood of Christ on His elect, holy and beloved ones. Hence, the glorious benefits of election transcend humanism in overshadowing all its imperfections. Note that the Greek word evklektoi. (ehk·lehk·tee) is derived from the preposition evk (ehk) and verb legw` (leg·o) literally denoting to speak out, pick out, choose or select, thus, referencing those who were the objects of such from the beginning. The fact of election in itself transacts the verity of a[gioi (ahy·ee·ee) rendered “holy” or  separation unto God, which is in effect its congruency, or those who were chosen and set apart in Christ before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). Note the contrast of this spiritual state from the pseudo flesh separation appealed to in physicality.

The last cognizance subjectively acknowledged is significantly conveyed by the Greek participle hgaphme,noi (eeg·ahp·ee·meh·nee) literally rendered “having been and being loved,” as is noted by the perfect tense (completed action with present effectuation). The passive voice dissolves those so identified from any input in accomplishing such), in that these recipients were beloved by God in Eternity when He extended His love to such identified ones from Eternity and continues it uninterrupted by the fact that He is immutable (Hebrews 13:8). The resulting command (goal) of grace is conveyed by the Greek verb endu,sasqe (Ehn·thees·ahs·theh) in denoting the completed, dominated depiction of what was previously assigned or “exhibited.” Thus, the command of these variants are displayed in some designees of God’s people for the sake of testimony, e.g., “merciful compassion, kindness, humble thinking, meekness and longsuffering!”

Those advantageously developing an awareness of genuine spiritual reality will be led to comprehending the unseen things that exceed what the so-called “rational mind” can perceive. It is strictly in this sense that one’s internalization of eternal things leads in the direction of genuine spiritual beliefs and perceptions void of secular mental processes being involved. This process of growth and development is a matter of what one's inner guidance exudes regarding the course of clarity, truth and love; for along this path is the light that prioritizes the futuristic, as well as present hope, positively exuding productivity of the Eternal Electoral Process. Doctrinal Foundation light exemplifies the center for spiritual transformation in resonation of the Heavenlies. Illuminating the enlightened principles that lie at the heart of initiating, as well as the latter being of existence, exhibit WHERE and WHAT contribute significantly along spiritual lines to the present NOW in this progression already underway but even more usefully abiding forever.

Election of Purpose

Complete light of the Holy Spirit in the Grace Covenant reveals Eternal Being because it accommodates completely the necessity for a secured path of hope through darkness in the Time Capsule where the enlightened dwell at peace in the world when manifestation of such does not seem possible. Eternal Election Relationships of peacefulness exude the spiritual vibration of love that is specifically known by those for whom eternality is an essential part of this life. This brings into reality responses of questions where for many there are no substantive answers to queries in physicality. Election in Eternal Purpose answers such enigmas through embracing the past, present and future of occurrences, as it is dedicated in the spiritual foundation and purpose of peace and freedom for all God’s elect. This affords no path for humanity through dissembling the misinformation; so prevalent in time sequences but nowhere in the deepening awareness of Eternality’s light and truth.

Those captivated within dependencies of physicality categorize those manipulated and misled through unscriptural misinformation that is “supernaturally” relied upon. However, none of the unenlightened comprehends Eternal Dwelling in its fullness and complexity, for most are yet asleep in the large-scale manipulation that is taking place at orthodoxy religious mental and emotional levels. Indeed, it is precisely lethargy toward spirituality, i.e., their willingness to proceed with “business as usual” that is currently being used by these secular forces in seeking to undermine the genuine spiritual foundation of Eternal forces. Eternality’s aim is to bring about the demise of all physical temporariness. At the same time, these hosts and forces of light are guardians and shepherds in countering all the forces of physical destruction with an incessant presence of light. This presence rests upon underpinnings of the Divine ordination and endurance in the light of Eternal Election, which is victorious even upon the Earth, as such comprehension move into the higher dimension of spiritual reality.

When Eternal Comprehension is factored, all God’s elect are benefactors and progress in proportion to being awakened to the reality of the largest-scale drama that has ever taken place on the earth. Ones spiritually intellectual capacity apprehends that despite whatever difficulties may appear, despite whatever hurdles one may have to overcome, the light of God's Eternal Promise avails. Hence, darkness cannot prevail, as the roots of peace and freedom grasp full hold within the precious order indwelled in the Eternal Foundation. This tranquil society and immortal ethic embargo uninterrupted blessings in even this present time of awakening, as exaltations in this light comfort, albeit in their actualized workings from the vertical vantage point of what is thrust upon the Earth in servitude to the Divine Creator of all.

I Thessalonians 1:4 emphatically states, “having known, brethren beloved, by God, your election.” Note that the Greek participle eivdo,tej (ee·tho·tehs) rendered “having known” is in the perfect tense (completed action with present effect), which may be rendered “having known and do know.” The vocative case of the noun avdelfoi (ahth·ehl·phee) rendered “brethren” identifies the privileged status of the addressees through the Greek participle hvgaphme,noi (eeg·ahp·ee·meh·nee), which is literally rendered “having been and are beloved” (again as a (completed action with present effect). Note that the Greek phase u`po. qeou (eep·o Theh·oo) rendered “by God” defines passiveness, as well as possessiveness by the genitive case, as to ownership of so named ones’ chosen status through the usage of the ending clause th.n evklogh.n u`mw/n (teen ehk·loy·een ee·mon) rendered “your election.” Hence, this conveyance clearly identifies what and where the venue of this transactional assignment entails and resides in the eternal sphere!           

Abiding Focus of Election

The present moment of manifestation in the sphere of time requires vigilant attention to the inferential loss of freedoms unnoticed by most but can be seen by those who are watchful in the Realm of Light, which grants insight in the essential heart and soul of Eternal Destiny. These vigilances focus on the necessity to become conscious of the increased and increasing relations between Eternal Actualization facts. Whatsoever is being manifested is governed by the authority of God’s Decree to not only influence but dictate the policy of everyday affairs. The constituents whom Divine Election represents exemplify increased divisions between “eternal haves” and “temporary 'have-nots.” This concentration of internalized power in the hands of Eternality postures the essence of abiding stability. None have availed in the many wonderings of what is “happening in the Time Capsule historically,” in that these limitations prevent the pragmatic pursuance of permanency as its end.

Realistic consideration for enduring physicality awakens even more to the sense of the urgency of time faltering in the floundering principles of manifested creation. This mode of Divine Consciousness requires consideration for ordering preservation and protection of the basic tenets upon which Genuine Spirituality stands in the alleviation of unreliable illusions. Scriptural Spirituality exudes peace and stillness linked inwardly in connecting ones heart to heart and soul to soul. Regardless of whatever is transpiring in the world, thoughts in Eternality align with affirming intentions in the supreme purpose of spiritual light and love exemplified in wisdom and clarity. Genuine Spirituality projects the Eternal Process of ensuring Abiding Election liberated from human tampering. Eternal Election exhibits visualization of affirmative effects imbued in sustainable health and peace!  



Revised 120808