Foreordination (Predestination)






(Eternal Working of Salvation)


Predestination's Influence on Time


Predestination Applied To Daily Living


Predestination's Influence in Time












Is the Locale of Godís Creative Acts in Eternity, the Beginning of Time or the Sphere of Time?

The Eternal View

Our Eternal Relationship with God

Once Saved in Eternity, Always Saved in Time

 The Distinction between Eternity and Time

 The Doctrine of the Eternal Justification of God's Elect

Could There Ever Have Been Nothing

Eternal Truth, Security in Christ 

God's Eternal Plan and Purpose Concerning all Things Were Executed (Actualized by His Decree) in Eternity


Can Salvation be Other Than in Eternity


What is Eternity


The Essence of Eternal Life


The Capsule of Time renders Creation Exclusively in Eternity

Temporary and Eternal Things Compared

Eternal Comprehension of Now






Time and Daily Decisions





The Timelessness of God



God Chose Elect Mankind for the Manifestation of His Glory In Time and Ultimately in Eternity




Factual Impact of Daily Choices




Fear of the Future Phobias dominate Humanís attachments to Current Time




















What and How Should One Pray



What is Prayer



The Scriptural Application of Prayer in God's Will



What Should One Pray For



Proper Petitionary Prayer



Perceived Prayer Forums



The Incompatibility of Misapplied Petitionary Prayer with God's Immutable Will


We Should Always Pray "According to His Will"





















An Understanding of the Doctrines of Justification


Justification, a Total Work of God


How Does God Justify


The Doctrine of the Eternal Justification of God's Elect










Distinguishing Dispensations and Gospels


The Kingdom Messianic Gospel


Distinguishing Kingdom & Grace Messages


Distinctly Defining the Gospels


Correct Division and Apportionment of the Bible


What is the Revelation of the Mystery?








Grace and Faith


Grace vs. Works


What Does Grace Mean


What Does Faith Mean


What Does Salvation Mean


Can Salvation be Other Than in Eternity


When Grace is Not Grace









Sovereignty of God and Election


Godís Sovereignty in Election to Salvation

 Who Are God Elect

 The Sovereignty of God in Election Doctrines

Eternally Confirmed Election









The Church


The Glorious Body of Christ



Signs and Gifts in the Church



Christmas Message for the Church



The Scriptural Role of the Grace Testament Church Ministry



All God's People are One in Christ




















Comprehensive Exegeses



Comprehensive Exegesis of I Timothy 2:4


Comprehensive Exegesis of Romans 10:13 and John 3:16


Comprehensive Exegesis of Ephesians 2:8-9



Comprehensive Exegesis of Romans Chapter Eleven



Comprehensive Exegesis of II Corinthians 1:12-14
















Godís Wondrous Works in the Electís Lives



God's Wondrous Work in His Beloved


The Spirit of Truth


The Truth of Godís Attributes


The Doctrine of Peripateology


Synchronizing the Electís Worldly and Spiritual Lives


Godís Underlined Purpose for Trials and Afflictions


Practical Devotional Daily Living












General Doctrinal Subjects

 The Doctrine of Theodicy

A Scriptural Analysis of Paraenesis

Excursus on the Eschatological Contents of Paulís Epistles to the Thessalonians

Sober yet Comforting Facts

Sound Doctrine begat Sacrificial Devotion


The Apostle Paulís Epistles verses the Church Culturesí Worldviews

Shun all Religious Traditions Contradictory to Rightly Divided and and Exegeted Scriptures











The Scriptural Doctrine of Regeneration

The Scriptural Application of Repenting, Believing and Confessing

The Scriptural Application of Belief, Surrender, Confession, Restitution and Imploration
















God's Ontological Existence in Himself

The Scripturally Cognitive Aspects of Probabilities

All Possibilities were Actualized in Godís Eternal Decree

Relativisms in Scriptural Ontology

Physically Conceptualized Ontology

Temporary Worldly Impressions of Eternal Actualized Existence








Belief and Baptism



The Scriptural Application of Belief and Baptism














What Influence does the Actualization of Salvation in Eternity exert on the Eternal Doctrines of Grace?


Are there Provisions for the Salvation of the Mentally Incompetent, if so, is Belief in Jesus Necessary?


Are there Provisions for the Salvation of the Inconveniently Ignorant? If so, is Belief in Jesus Necessary?


Restoration and Preservation of Scriptural Doctrine, Worship and Living


Are there Provisions of the Salvation for Deceased Infants, if so, by What Means?

The Grace Covenantís  Eternal Security in Salvation


The Holy Spirit Bears Witness to Godís beloved


How can and do Godís People Get to Heaven?


Godís People are Complete in His Presence

God's Presence in Scriptural Essence




Actualization and Manifestation


Conjoining Fate to Free Will inevitably induces Futility

The Scriptural Doctrine of Godís Divine Providence

Scriptural Distinctions of Actualization in Eternity From Manifestation in Time

Scriptural Analysis of Human Limitations As Opposed to Human Perceptions of How Things Work

Observation of Manifestations in Time from the Viewpoint of Actualization in Eternity


Abiding in the Heavenlies, in Christ

Abiding in Eternal Confidence beyond the Course of this World

Scriptural Distinctions of Actualization in From Manifestation Volume Two

Intervals of the Heavens and Earth (in the Matrix)

God's Agential Origination (in the Matrix)

Scriptural Comprehensions of Measures (the Matrix)